2022 China Handan Electromechanical Commodities Export Online and Offline Dual Integration Exhibitio

 Even though the landscapes are diverse, we share the wind and moon under the same sky. On December 5we will see the opening of  2022 China Handan Mechanical and Electrical Commodity Export Online and Offline Dual Integration Exhibition.

 In recent years, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and government, Handan's foreign trade has achieved leapfrog development. Its products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions, and its friends are all over the world. Handan has obvious industrial advantages in mechanical and electrical, steel, textile and clothing, hardware and building materials, ceramics, etc. Yongnian fasteners are famous around the world. Chenguang Pigment, Xinxing Cast Pipe and other enterprises have become international famous brands. More and more "Handan Manufacturing" are integrated into the international supply chain and industrial chain.

In order to help our foreign trade enterprises to maintain the market, stabilize their operation and seek development, and strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between foreign trade enterprises in Handan and purchasers around the world, Handan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with Hebei Aid Exhibitions, jointly held the "2022 China Handan Mechanical and Electrical Commodity Export Online and Offline Dual Integration Exhibition", organized 78 foreign trade enterprises in Handan to participate in the exhibition, and concentrated on the display of fasteners, kitchen appliances, labor protection, high quality products with 3D construction technology to promote trade transactions through the four functions of the platform: digital display, online negotiation, intelligent matching and marketing tracking. At the same time, 26 foreign trade enterprises were organized to participate in the Big 5 Trade fair in Dubai through the offline exhibition or agent exhibition mode, which played a positive role in stabilizing foreign trade and ensuring orders by accurately connecting offline customers and creating a new exhibition mode of online and offline integration.

If you don't know enough, you can forge ahead and look far into the mountains. Handan Municipal Bureau of Commerce will spare no effort to help foreign trade enterprises overcome the impact of the epidemic, expand export channels and constantly seek development. We will continue to report this exhibition.

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