"Made in Mianyang" Procurement and Investment Conference official kicks off

Under the normal situation of the epidemic, in order to further promote high-level opening up and cooperation, cultivate new momentum for economic development, promote "Mianyang-made" to overseas markets, and further strengthen trade with "Belt and Road" countries, on the afternoon of December 21, "Made in Mianyang" Procurement and Investment Fair was held in Taohuadao Hotel. More than 20 buyers in China from India, Yemen, Ghana, Pakistan, Senegal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Colombia, Armenia, Niger, Lebanon and other countries attended the opening ceremony. This is the largest online and offline foreign procurement event held in our city since the epidemic.


Nearly 30 foreign trade companies in Mianyang, including Sichuan Changhong, Jiuzhou Cable, Lier Chemical, Hushan Electric, Guohao Seed Industry, Guangyou Potato Industry, etc., exhibited on-site "Mianyang made "Products and information, and conducted one-on-one communication and negotiation with overseas buyers.


In recent years, Mianyang's foreign trade has developed strongly, and the scale of foreign trade has maintained a high level of operation. For four consecutive years, the total foreign trade volume exceeded 20 billion yuan, ranking second in the province; the foreign trade "circle of friends" continued to expand, establishing trade relations with more than 130 countries and regions, including long-term imports and exports to countries along the "Belt and Road" maintain double-digit growth; import and export products cover 20 categories, including electronic information, fine chemicals, new materials, automobiles and parts, clothing and textiles, and more than 1,400 varieties; export products have been optimized and upgraded.  Electromechanical products and high-tech products have become the mainstay of Mianyang export products, accounting for more than 50%.

In this event, under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Mianyang Enterprise Import and Export Alliance and the Mianyang City Association of Commerce once again joined hands, aiming to let more overseas buyers know Mianyang, understand Mianyang, and enter into cooperation; at the same time, let our city’s foreign trade enterprises Know more about the needs of the international trade market, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of opening up the international market. The international buyers who came to Mianyang this time have been doing business in China for many years, are familiar with the industrial environment of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, but have insufficient understanding of the industrial structure and development status of Mianyang and even Sichuan. International buyers conducted detailed background investigations on Mianyang's intelligent manufacturing, fine chemicals, food and agriculture, electronic information, textiles and clothing, construction materials, cultural and creative industries and products of exhibitors, and came with orders and purchasing intentions.


This event has built a long-term friendly cooperation bridge and bond for the companies of both parties. While promoting Mianyang's advantageous industries and products, creating Mianyang’s international business card, and enhancing Mianyang’s international influence, it will also invisibly bring investment opportunities and promote the city’s Industrial project attracting.

On the same day, through one-on-one negotiations, many foreign trade companies in Mianyang signed purchase agreements of intent with purchasers.

After the conference, all participating companies will continue to conduct corporate promotion and product display docking through the GTW digital platform.

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