Jiangsu is seeking opportunities vigorously for SMEs through “Digital exhibitions”

As the second foreign trade province among China, Jiangsu's foreign trade dependence rate have surpassed 40%. Foreign trade is a crucial pillar supporting Jiangsu’s economic development. In the past, international exhibitions were traditional solutions for Jiangsu’s SMEs to expand overseas markets. However, most global exhibitions were cancelled or postponed amid COVID-19 pandemic which is leading Jiangsu’s export-oriented enterprises to dilemma.

In order to get Jiangsu’s enterprises out of the consequences of epidemic rapidly, "2020 Jiangsu Brand Silk Road Virtual Expo (MENA)" was officially launched which’s organized by Jiangsu Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and co-organized by MIE Group. There will be more than 103 companies exhibiting in this event, whose products catalogue include textiles and clothing, food and beverage, gift and toys, hardware tools, building materials, auto parts, agricultural machinery, medical equipment and other sectors.

Mr. Jianhui Yin, president of Jiangsu Sub-Council of CCPIT; Mr. Zheng Huang, vice president of Jiangsu Sub-Council of CCPIT; Mr. Feng Xiao, vice president of MIE Group; Mr. Danjie Lv, director of Representative Office of Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce attended the opening ceremony on June 18th, 2020. After that, precise B2B matching meetings, sub-forums and other accessory events will be unveiled.

The whole event will be lasting for half a year from June 18th to December 17th,  which has two seamless sessions: short-term online B2B matching and then long-term offline showcase. In Phase One (to June 22nd) it aims mainly at establishing a direct link between Jiangsu suppliers and buyers from the Middle East and Africa markets via "Global Trade Week" virtual exhibition planform powered by MIE Group. "Global Trade Week" enable exhibitors to showcase their brand & products online and communicate with the visitors who has queries in real time. In Phase Two (June 23rd to December 17th) Jiangsu Famous Brands Display Zone will operate officially on "Global Trade Week" with the collaboration of Overseas partners. It would cross a space & time limit compared to typical exhibitions and benefit all Jiangsu exhibitors in a long period.

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